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Nepal is a country of breathtaking beauty, abundant wildlife and fascinating traditional cultures. This country is known as the "Land of Paradise". Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Nepal Government and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal working in the field of Health, Education, Peace & Development of the community at large, with emphasis on the development of Sustainable Volunteerism in Nepal.

Our program makes a significant difference in the lives of those who are deprived by providing volunteering opportunities to international volunteers. This program enables diverse inter-cultural exchanges between countries of global south and the world as a whole. It seeks to strengthen awareness and critical engagement with future development issues in volunteerism and to establish the understanding of global interaction to inform society of the importance of signing up for the sustainable volunteer, tourism and human development in Nepal.

Sustainable Volunteer Development Program

Why is this of importance for you? We uplift communities through Collaboration, Education, Health, Agriculture and Friendship. There are many reasons why volunteering is as important, if not better than a typical holiday. Many people love to travel and only...


Sustainable Tourism Development Program

...our Tourism Development Program aims to help you discover the untapped beauty and many wonders of Nepal and its rich cultural inheritance. This program combines memorable tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Local lodging and transport are used. Furthermore....


Sustainable Human Development Program

...this program strives to provide a direct financial contribution to under-privileged children who are impoverished targeting selected communities in the fields of education and health.


The Patron Nepal's Home

The Patron Nepal's Home is a beautiful dedication to the senior citizens and retired professionals from the world over. But it doesn't mean that there is any age boundary, working experience or education necessary to become a program participant for Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience". We all are family in the Patron Nepal's Home; sharing experience and working together for Peace & Development. This is our own project; bringing Peace & Development for the individual in this beautiful world. If you so wish, then it could also be yours. We heartily invite you. We need some true and trusty friends from this beautiful world to bring hope to this mission at Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley, at Khadakatol, Sarlahi District and at Bardibas, Mahottari District of Nepal.


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Donation & Sponsorship

The Patron Nepal Home / School / Hospital / Organic Agriculture Farm

Program Locations:

  1. Village Khadakatol, Ishworpur-3, Sarlahi District, Janakpur Zone
  2. Village Bimire, Manthali-8, Ramechhap District, Janakpur Zone

Budget: under the development

Project Duration: 5 - 10 years,

Begins from:   01. January 2021 until 31. December 2030

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...or you become a participant in the Interns & Volunteers and Charity Tour and Trekking programs to meet the goals of the our mission.

Why Patron Nepal?

For uplifting communities through Collaboration, Education, Health, Agriculture and Friendship. There are many reasons why volunteering is as good, if not better, than a going on a normal holiday. Many people love to travel and only experience the tourist aspects of countries they visit which are completely different to real life there. With the continual expansion of the volunteering holidays people can now see how the real people live behind the scenes which the travel companies never show you.


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Our Objectives & Impact

Measuring the Impact of Volunteering Abroad

At Patron Nepal, our NGO (Non-Governmental Organizational) Volunteer Programs are designed towards maximizing the effectiveness of the efforts of our program volunteers and the long-term, positive impact which they will make on the overseas local community where they will serve. The invaluable experience Patron Nepal program volunteers gain is further rewarded with the knowlegde that their efforts not only contributed toward making a significant improvement in the lives of others but that the significant difference made in the lives of others will continue long after the conclusion of their stay abroad.

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