Sustainable Human Development Program

This program aims to offer a direct financial contribution to individual under-privileged children from impoverished families living under the poverty line, as well as, selected communities in the areas of health, education. Patron Nepal works to match sponsor children in Nepal, ensuring that they receive opportunities for further education. Without sponsorship, these children's parents wouldn't be able pay the costs of sending their children to school. By sponsoring a child, you are transforming their future prospects for the better. Sponsor are need to provide the gift of education to impoverished children.

A) My Community Village Development program

1) My Interest Program:

During the 'Happy Birthday Celebration', 'Happy Nepali New Year' and 'Happy Mango & Rice Field Season' participant can participate in any type of social cause program of their own interest through our coordination and management which is called the My Interest Program. For example, Feeding The Community and Their Children, Health Camp and Eye Camp, Start Child Sponsor, support Schools / Health Post and Community Village through the intern/volunteering/donating, provide donation to the Solidarity Home and Mission, My Destination Program, etc.


We do offer 'My Interest Program' in:

We also offering you individual custom-made & group tours, please ask us for more information.

2) My Child Sponsor Program:

Nepal is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world with an estimated 30% of population living below the poverty line - some 82% of people live on less than USD $2 per day. Sadly, this means that many children miss out on receiving a full education, and remain stuck in a cycle of poverty, with little or no opportunities for career development.


Sponsorship through Patron Nepal provides children with the valuable opportunity to enter or remain in the education system and realize their full potential. To date we have over 500 children in our database waiting to be sponsored. We only select children to be sponsored if they are from a very poor by family, are orphaned, abandoned or are conflict, natural disaster or are a poverty victims. Sponsor a child now and help us create an Nepal filled with educated, prosperous and skilled Nepalese. Patron Nepal oversees the full education sponsorship for many of the most disadvantaged / destitute children. Please look up at Donation / Child Sponsorship.


Children most in need of sponsorship are identified in conjunction with Head Teachers; Village Development Committees (local government) / Ward Chairpersons and a Community representative.


A sponsor can either allow Patron Nepal to select a child most urgently in need of sponsorship or choose a child to sponsor from one of the following groups most in need of sponsorship - Orphanage Children, Conflict and Natural Disaster and Poverty Victim Children, as well as, Disadvantaged Community Children from very poor backgrounds including the Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Sarlahi Districts.


We want to ensure that all children attend school and are able to receive a full education despite their extremely disadvantaged circumstances.

Due to grinding poverty, many students from very poor families simply cannot afford to send their children to school and resulting in the complete disruption of their children's education. Through it's Flexible Schooling Program, Patron Nepal helps these vulnerable children, who have suffered as a result of the conflict, natural disasters and poverty to catch up with the studies they missed and regain access to mainstream education.


You can begin helping by sponsoring a child in Nepal through the Patron Nepal's Program. It is possible to make a difference, no matter where you are or what your calling in life may be. Patron Nepal's Program is one way in which you can help to achieve this. By donating to this program, you can do far more for children than just provide funds; you directly impact a child's life, forever.


Please, empower children for a brighter future. Let's do this together with you as a sponsor. Sponsoring a child in need by giving as little or as much as you possibly can will make all the difference in a child's life. Sponsor a child and you will receive up-to-date status report on that child's will enable you to see the difference you are making.


If you are unable to volunteer with us then also you can still make a huge difference to Nepali Children by:

3) School Program:

  1. Bicycles for girls
  2. Internet & Laptop
  3. Helping Hand Program through Donation of Books, Stationary, Laptops, Computer and Printer

4) Health Program:

  1. Health is Wealth for Mothers & Daughters
  2. Eye Health Camp
  3. Pure Water Program
  4. Ambulance Car

5) Community Program:

  1. Save the Holiy Tree Program
  2. Short Walk Program
  3. Solar Light Program
  4. Villagers Meeting Place Program
  5. Community House Program
  6. Playground Program
  7. Sportplace Program
  8. Small Brigde Program

B) Mission, my destination Program

This program is an overall concept and importance to the Patron Nepal's Home of Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" program participants such as yourself. Why is this so vital? We are fund-raising now! Let's start the mission: My Destination Program by becommily a member of the Patron Nepal's Home. If you are a program participants then we will be one step further along the way to developing the Januka Devi Community Eye Hospital in the Middle South-East of Nepal at Khadakatole Village and implement it's three programs in three location districts such as Bhaktapur, Ramechhap and Sarlahi.


 Januka Devi Community Eye Hospital

Location: Khadakatole Village,

Ishworpur 3, Sarlahi District