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Nepal offers a great possible to volunteer whether you are in your gap year, between jobs or merely looking to combine a program volunteer experience with the ever popular trekking and hiking in Nepal. There are many different trekking options from all of our locations to suit your schedule and available timeframe. Since we offer guided services to all the major tourist destinations we can work with you either in advance or upon arrival; striving to offer you a personalised work/ siteseeing experience.

We offer discounts at hotels within our network and can save you money on an excursion to the Chitwan National Park, Bhaktapur, Langtang National Park or any of the Buddhist or Hindu temples for a more spriritual journey.

The exchange rate is vary favorable for most countries, so your Dollar, Euro, Pound, yen or Renminbi will go a long way!

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Medical Elecetive / Nursing Internship

Medical care in the village is a very hit and miss situation due to the remoteness and many hard to access areas and lack of funding. In many areas a trip to the doctor means traveling hours, if not days, to get medical attention. And in many cases, upon arrival, help isn't there due to a lack of funding. The Foothills of the Himalayas is home to many thousands of people all who deserve some form of medical care. When you have walked in such a magnificent range of mountains and terrains can you really see the harsh conditions that in which some people live. We have been to places where people have died from simple conditions of a broken leg, and even stomach viruses because there isn't any medical care available.


Our aim is to push harder with volunteers coming to help in government health post and hospitals across urban, village, hill and rural of Nepal to support the impoverished Nepali people and to support the government Health Plan in Nepal.

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English Teacher at School or Kindergarten

How would you like to have an overseas volunteer experience that is meaningful and provides a sense of contribution to a worthwhile cause?

Would you like to experience Nepal first hand - living as a volunteer in a local community, forming long-term friendships and experiencing Nepal, its people and its cultural authenticity?

Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is an unique volunteer organization which is dedicated to providing clear benefits to the community through having direct responsibility to the community and a transparent and ethical organizational structure.


Volunteer with Patron Nepal

If you are interested in supporting a worthy cause and want to be involved in making positive, meaningful changes, then Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" wants you as a volunteer.


If you are unable to volunteer with us then also you can still make a huge difference to Nepali Children by 'My Child Sponsor Program/Donation'!

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This particular placement is ideal for volunteers who are interested in getting back to nature. Most rural villages still follow the same ways of farming as they have done for hundreds of years so be prepared for hard work at certain times of the year while at other times your experience will be easier. The main point of volunteering is that the members of the Nepali society take a small percentage of the modern day lifestyle and successfully adapt it to work in this rural environment. In some of these houses you will find that everything is recycled apart where only from a small bag of rubbish is disposed of once a year. The main thing with this placement is the fact that the more you put in the more you will get out. So our advice is to try ploughing with buffalo, milking cows by hand and cutting grass with the locals because they will take you into their community. Come and experience Traditional Farming in the foothills of the village where life has changed little in the past 100 years. You will find yourself working hand in hand with local farmers and become fully involved in the local community.

Duties on this placement can be so varied because of the time of year and location of placement chosen. You will get the chance to experience just how hard the rural Nepali women work in the fields when they plant the rice by hand or getting up early to milk the cow for morning tea. But don't worry, as with all rural placements you will have the chance to relax and get to know the family with whom you are staying. In this placement, the more you try, the more enjoyment you will receive from your stay here.

At special time of the year such as rice planting season, you will really get to see the traditional Nepali people at their best. but the daily routine will be work when needed followed by resting with the family talking, drinking tea and just relaxing as it's a must for everyone who spends their life in today's rat race and would like to experience a completely different life. We have a number of homestay homes across the country from the flatland of the Sarlahi and Ramechhap Districts of Nepal to the foothills of the village. Please let us know what your preference may be.


Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" supports this sort of work because more and more people are moving to the city in the hopes of a better job. So, in a few generations, some of these communities will cease to exist unless they adapt to a different way of life. If we can introduce new ideas like volunteer tourism into these areas we hope to be able to support various projects to help communities adapt to the present day.

To find out what will be covered in your programs cost package please check out our Program Fees page and for more information & application please use this Application Form.