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Best Two Weeks Volunteer Program

Patron Nepal offers you a two week volunteer program experience of a lifetime. Nepal is a landlocked Asian country located between India and China. The country of Nepal starts at some 70 meters above sea level and continues to the highest point which is known as Mount Everest at 8,848 meters. Nepal is famous for its natural beauty and diverse cultures. In Nepal, there are more than 70 different ethnic groups with more than 60 different languages spoken. Nepal is the only country in world which has a triangular national flag.


Patron Nepal aims to provide a meaningful experience for an individual, as well as, groups who look to work toward serving the community needs in Nepal.


This program is suitable for those who want to not only work as a program volunteer but also for people who wish to also experience the breathtaking cultural beauty of Nepal.


  • On your day of arrival, our staff will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel or take you directly to your host family location.
  • 2nd day: Travel to Bardibas, Middle South-East of Nepal and stay in The Solidarity Home with local family and Nepali food or Hotel. There will be a basic language orientation, aw well as, familiarization with the country, culture and host family/hotel followed by a period of free/ personal time,
  • 3rd day to 7th day: Transfer to the location where you will serve as a volunteer according to your respective volunteer program. During this time, you will have some 2-3 hours of volunteer work followed by a time where you can visit somewhere or live with the host family. If you want to buy Nepali dress or other items, your host can help you. If time allows, your host can take you to famous nearby places or sites of interest,
  • 8th day: Free day in Bardibas. On this day you can cook your food in a Nepali kitchen,
  • 9th day: Tour the local community village by Jeep and go for a boat ride in Nadi Man Taal and cross the 20 kilometers of forest, as well as, the local community village,
  • From Bardibas (10th to 12th ), you will be taken to the Janakpurdham; Lord Sita and Ram Temple followed by Janakpurdham Sindhulighadi Durbar; Maisthan Temple; a monkey friendly highway; Tuteshor Mahadev Temple and then you will be able to visit and view a unique community village in the middle south east of Nepal and experience the fishermen farming and the fish ponds, too,
  • 13th day: Return to Kathmandu,
  • 14th day: You will have time to purchase gifts for family and friends followed by free time. You may choose to return home on this day or fly on the following day.

To find out what will be covered in your programs cost package please check out our Program Fees page and for more information see at Why Volunteer With Us?.

"Best Two Weeks" Experience


In April of 2019, I joined Patron Nepal’s Individual Volunteer Program as part of the Sustainable Volunteer Development Program called ‘The Best Two Weeks Volunteer Program’. That is an ambitious title, but I have to say that it describes my experience perfectly.
In those 10 days, travelling with Nishchal by bus, jeep, tuk-tuk, and motorcycle to the flat lowlands area of south-eastern Nepal, I had a wonderful series of visits to rural towns and villages where Nishchal hopes to establish his ‘social cause’ program. We visited a medical hospital, a leprosy hospital, and an eye hospital. We explored temples, including the Janaki Mandir in Janakpur, and attended a traditional Newar ihi ceremony. We visited several schools for which Nishchal hopes to recruit volunteers to help with ESL teaching. It was exam time for the students followed by holidays, which meant any volunteering I may have done did not happen, which was just as well, since I am not a teacher.
In Nishchal’s home village of Khadakatol, we stayed in his parents’ house. Although very basic (from a North American perspective), it was comfortable and plenty adequate. We enjoyed the national meal of dal bhat and other local cuisine at a friend’s house down the street. From there we visited the surrounding four villages, were offered copious cups of ‘milk tea’ by the friendly villagers, and met some of the people who had benefited from the 1-day eye camp that Nishchal had arranged with the Hetauda Eye Hospital. I also witnessed the wheat and pigeon pea harvest, visited the fish ponds and vegetable gardens near the village, saw a brick factory on the edge of the village, walked and drove through forests, and stopped briefly to see the lake at Nadi Man. During the days in the villages and surrounding area, I got an unparalleled insight into daily life on the plains of the Terai, an area known as the granary of Nepal.
All in all, the whole period was a rich cultural immersion experience, truly an ‘experience of a lifetime.’ I don't think there are any other organizations that offer something quite like this.
Thank you, Nishchal. Blessings on you.

Eleanore Woollard, Canada