why Patron Nepal?

For uplifting communities through Collaboration, Education, Health, Agriculture and Friendship.

There are many reasons why volunteering is as good, if not better, than a going on a normal holiday. Many people love to travel and only experience the tourist aspects of countries they visit which are completely different to real life there. With the continual expansion of the volunteering holidays people can now see how the real people live behind the scenes which the travel companies never show you.


Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" contributes to volunteerism for development by advocating volunteerism globally, encouraging the integration of volunteerism into development programing and mobilizing volunteers together with governments and development organizations through education, health and traditional farming in Nepal.

Top 10 Reasons to Participate in the Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience"

  1. We are a Nepal-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).
  2. We are one of a select few organizations offering volunteer & internship programs offering volunteer tourism experiences in the Middle South-Eastern region of Nepal.
  3. We are a vital part of the Nepalese social system in the provision of "Patron Nepal's Home"; a residence for retired working-class professionals and senior citizens.
  4. Our volunteer programs are truly authentic in that their offerings are deeply rooted, and based upon the direct and current needs of the local Nepalese people.
  5. Your unique volunteer travel experience will be both cost-effective and of strategic significance, and guaranteed to be truly 100% Nepalese.
  6. We offer truly customized, Individual and Group travel experience tours.
  7. We combine both the main tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-path travel/ tour opportunity packages.
  8. Your volunteer travel experience is guaranteed to be both personal and uniquely individual; arrive as a guest and leave as our lifelong friend!
  9. Our volunteer travel experience programs are flexible; running 365 days throughout the year.
  10. The most important reason of all being: You can rest assured that it will be the right thing to do!

Why volunteer with us?

It's simple. 100% of your program fee is kept within Nepal with no money being spent on overseas administration costs; therefore your contribution is helping Nepalese people directly and directly benefits the development of the Nepalese economy.
We are an ethical grassroots organization working towards community development and income generation through tourism, volunteer efforts facilitate not only development but cultural exchange programs as well.


As a volunteer or participation as part of the cultural exchange or any other program, you will receive language classes to enhance your integration into the local community.

volunteer in Community Village

Volunteering your time abroad to help others is a fantastic experience that will give you the opportunity to work and live side by side with local people. You will undoubtedly learn new skills through having to adjust to new situations and challenge yourself by volunteering in a developing country. You will be Patron Nepal Volunteer if you are willing to participate any of our program being together with us.


Travel schedule including volunteering:

This program duration varies from

  • 1-7 days
  • 1-15 days
  • 1-30 days
  • 1 month up to 3 months


We want your dreams to come true through Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" and also want you to have an unforgettable and educational stay through fair and affordable prices.


how will your money be used?

  • 26% of your program fee goes directly towards community development.
  • 15% of your program fee goes to the host family to cover the cost of your food and accommodation.
  • 59% of your program fee is spent on airport pickup, accommodation in Bhaktapur / Kathmandu, travel costs, language classes, sightseeing including travel expenses and administration costs.

Program Fees

Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), entirely dependent upon the resources of our volunteers and supporters.


Patron Nepal’s principle objective is the empowerment of local communities through mid to long-term project work. Our approach is consistent and sustainable and aims to use our resources efficiently. While our volunteers help to provide time, expertise and financial resources to fund our operation, the staff of Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" work hard to ensure that our community programs run continuously and that our volunteers are provided with a well-organized and facilitated experience, which is enriching for all concerned.


Without the program fees that you pay, Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" would be unable to sustain the platform upon which both our project work and the support that we provide to volunteers and interns are based.


Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is an entirely Nepal-based organization. We are not an agency and we place volunteers in our own programs.

The majority of our staff is local. They are paid reasonable salaries by Nepali standards, however, this accounts for very little of our overall costs. Your entire program fee goes directly to either fund your time in Nepal, including transport, food, accommodation, induction, or towards funding our communities programs, along with the everyday administrative costs which are incurred.


At Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience", we work hard to continue to work efficiently, ensuring that our program fees remain affordable for our volunteers and interns and our community work continues to be consistent and effective.



Your program participant fee will be regarded as a donation to the development of the Patron Nepal's Home at Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley & in Middle South-East of Nepal to better establish and implement three of its programs in three location dictricts; Bhaktapur, Ramechhap and Sarlahi, Nepal.


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You come as a guest and will go home as a friend with lots of new experiences!