Our Objectives & Impact

Our Objectives

  • Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is a total non-profit social service organization.
  • We provide fundamental study, research, investigation and suggestions to each and every member of society.
  • Operate various social programs related to the fields of education, health and sanitation in conjunction with various organizations and the Nepal Government.
  • We operate various programs for the benefit of the people from various cultural identities providing assistance to the underprivileged and those living below the poverty line in association with the poverty allviation fund, as well as, various other organisations.
  • Run different programs related to physical development, developing a modern agricultural system, providing safe drinking water and irrigation in association with concerned authorities and help to build them.
  • Protect the land, forest and environment from destruction, run a forestations program along with modern stove, bio-fuelled gas plant in addition to solar energy projects.
  • Combat various evils of society and strive for the empowerment of women; rights of the under-aged; run various programs in conjunction with governmental concerns with respect to various organizations and the Nepal Government.
  • Support the Nepal Tourism Board Study and determine possible tourist centre run programs for the promotion of tourism development in Nepal.
  • Produce and release of written articles, publish books, TV programs in addition to documentary cinema for the purpose of educating and informing society.
  • Mobilize the many volunteers for the peace and development program, meet the objectives of the above organizations and address the remainder of the subjects and areas of concern regarding the local people and society as a whole.

Your Impact

Measuring the Impact of Volunteering Abroad

At Patron Nepal, our NGO (Non-Governmental Organizational) Volunteer Programs are designed towards maximizing the effectiveness of the efforts of our program volunteers and the long-term, positive impact which they will make on the overseas local community where they will serve. The invaluable experience Patron Nepal program volunteers gain is further rewarded with the knowlegde that their efforts not only contributed toward making a significant improvement in the lives of others but that the significant difference made in the lives of others will continue long after the conclusion of their stay abroad.


The Patron Nepal Eye Health Camp   14./15. march 2019

In March 2019, Patron Nepal worked in conjunction with the Hetauda Community Eye Hospital and held The Eye Health Treatment Camp which offered special eye care and treatment services and was attended by more than 300 people from 5 different villages. The Eye Health Checkup Screening determinded that some 100 people were in desperate need of special care and received treatment the following day.


The Eye Health Treatment Camp included Patron Nepal volunteers and specialists from the Hetauda Community Eye Hospital and was an amazing success; clearly demonstrating that these vital services need to be offered to all villagers who are located in the surrounding area.


In the interest of continuing with this great success, Patron Nepal needs to secure additional financial support from worldwide sponsors at this time.


If you wish to become part of this success story, please consider donating now, or should you be interested in donating to any of our other upcoming, vital Patron Nepal projects, please contact us directly, or donate now.


We wish to express our sincere appreciation and most heartfelt gratidude to the many volunteers and supporters for their greatly needed support!


The Patron Nepal Team