Volunteer English Teacher · 13. October 2018
Kindergarten volunteering is one of the most enjoyable learning experiences for anyone who truly loves and cares for children. A volunteer who wants to participate in this program is not required to have any special qualifications but merely needs to be caring, responsible, as well as, enthusiastic.

Festivals in Nepal · 11. October 2018
Dashain is the longest and auspicious festival of Nepal which is celebrated on the occasion of victory over evil. It is celebrated in month of kartik (last week of September month - first week of October Month.

Volunteer English Teacher · 10. October 2018
This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of Nepalese Buddhist Monestaries and Nunneries. You can volunteer at a monestary by teaching English to Buddhist Monks or Nuns, young and old, at any one of the many locations in the city or countryside around Nepal.

Agriculture · 05. October 2018
The organic Agriculture Volunteer Program is the most highly recommended volunteer program in Nepal for those looking to get out into the countryside and get their hands dirty working alongside local farmers and will light up your soul. Working in organic soil can be an awakening and meditative experience and working with the Nepali farm community can prove to be self empowering. This program is suitable for those who love nature and want to get immersed in the simple life of Nepal.

Individual Volunteer Program · 03. October 2018
Patron Nepal offers you a two week volunteer program experience of a lifetime. Nepal is a landlocked Asian country located between India and China. The country of Nepal starts at some 70 meters above sea level and continues to the highest point which is known as Mount Everest at 8,848 meters. Nepal is famous for its natural beauty and diverse cultures. In Nepal, there are more than 70 different ethnic groups with more than 60 different languages spoken.....

Festivals in Nepal · 16. September 2018
In Nepal there are many festivals among them, Teej is the festival which is celebrated by Hindu Girls. It is the Hindus who celebrate the Teej festival (Girls Red Festival) from late August to early September. In this festival, all girls can gather together and dance wearing a red colored sari which is a typical dress in Nepal.
Medical & Health Section · 12. September 2018
Patron Nepal is accepting applications on behalf of students from all over the world for nursing internships in Bardibas, Nepal. Students come from a wide variety of nursing and health care programs from colleges and Universities in many countries.

Medical & Health Section · 11. September 2018
Medical Elective Patron Nepal is able to connect you to medical elective and nursing internships through public and private institutions in Nepal, Bardibas. We can help you submit the application to the appropriate authorities and communicate on your behalf during the application process, as required. Upon application approval, we can arrange for your food and hotel or guest house needs through local providers here in Nepal. Patron Nepal is very cost competitive with these services....

Volunteer English Teacher · 09. September 2018
Teaching English in Nepal provides one with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community and support schools which require the most help. Volunteers who teach English in the city of Bardibas or the countryside villages will be able to provide a different perspective to students in terms of interpreting the written word, pronunciation, as well as, conversational exchange in a way that local teachers cannot.