Volunteer as an English Teacher in Bardibas, Nepal; Special Offer - for the first five registrations!

For our partner school in Bardibas in Southeast of Nepal we do send five volunteers "English Teacher". Accomodation and meals are free for the first five volunteers who are willing to participate in this school and organisation management system. This is a special offer only for the first five registrations?


Registration fee:

The registration fee of 200 USD$ per person (valid for 5 years) is paid in advance through Paypal or Bank Account.


Additional costs only for 1 week up to 12 months:

The addidtional costs include all private transportation with Jeep 300 USD$ (pick up from the Airport, travel to Southeast of Nepal and back) and Accomodation for 6 days and 5 nights in Bhaktapur 500 USD$ including breakfast,lunch and dinner, bathroom with hot water and toilet, 24 hour WIFI Internet access, clean drinking water, coffee/tea available.


Total overall amount:

  200 USD$ Registration Fee

  300 USD$ Transport/Guide

  500 USD$ Accomodation & Meals

1'000 USD$ Total


Travel expenses to Nepal:

The flight tickets must be taken over by yourself. You can buy very cheap air tickets online or at a travel agency. Not to forget to be concluded the travel insurance, which covers the costs completely.


Duration of the program:

The duration of your assignment is individual and can last from one week to 12 months. Your teaching assignment lasts only 4 hours a day for 5 days a week. In total there are 20 hours of English lessons per week. We offer this volunteer teacher program for seniors, retirees, students and teachers.

Free days & holidays:

On weekends Saturday and Sunday you are free. The annual holiday is compensated with the many cultural and festival celebrations you can spend with the locals. There are no extra costs for you.


Exploring back country:

If you want to travel to the local and non-tourist area on Saturdays and Sundays, we will be happy to arrange for you to travel with a local guide, transport and local food fr 100 USD$/day.



Upon completion of your placement, you will receive a certificate from the organization and the school with a voluntary placement as an English teacher. A graduation ceremony will be held for you if you have workded with us for a longer period in Southeastern Nepal.


Possibility Participation in Donation:

If you are interested in our mission and would like to support us as a sponsor, you will also receive a donation receipt, which you can deduct from your tax bill.



There is no registration deadline, as this program runs year-round.


--> However, this special offer for the first five volunteer English Teacher assignments is limited! <--


Join us and sign up today with your application or letter of interest at patron.nepal@gmail.com or directly in our website https://www.patronnepal.org.np/apply-book-now/


Please let us know your arrival and departure dates and the duration of your voluntary service.


The organization Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" Together for Peace & Development and its staff are looking forward to meeting you.




Nishchal Ghimire

CEO, Director, Founder of Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience"


Andrea Allen

Global Ambassador, Switzerland

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