Volunteer English Teacher

Volunteer English Teacher · 04. August 2019
For our partner school in Bardibas in Southeast of Nepal we do send five volunteers „English teacher“. Accommodation and meals are free for the first five volunteers who are willing to participate in this school and organisation management system. This is a special offer only for the first five registrations!

Volunteer English Teacher · 13. October 2018
Kindergarten volunteering is one of the most enjoyable learning experiences for anyone who truly loves and cares for children. A volunteer who wants to participate in this program is not required to have any special qualifications but merely needs to be caring, responsible, as well as, enthusiastic.

Volunteer English Teacher · 10. October 2018
This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of Nepalese Buddhist Monestaries and Nunneries. You can volunteer at a monestary by teaching English to Buddhist Monks or Nuns, young and old, at any one of the many locations in the city or countryside around Nepal.

Volunteer English Teacher · 09. September 2018
Teaching English in Nepal provides one with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community and support schools which require the most help. Volunteers who teach English in the city of Bardibas or the countryside villages will be able to provide a different perspective to students in terms of interpreting the written word, pronunciation, as well as, conversational exchange in a way that local teachers cannot.