Patron Nepal Program Volunteer Criminal Background Checks


All Patron Nepal Volunteer Program candidates are required to submit a recent Criminal Background Check with their Application Form prior to the start of their volunteer program. The Criminal Background Check is an integral part of the Patron Nepal Responsible Volunteer Travel guidelines as specified in the Patron Nepal Child Protection Policy.


To participate in a Patron Nepal Volunteer Program, all volunteers must provide a criminal background before arriving in Nepal for participation in their Patron Nepal Volunteer Program. Please allow for sufficient time to acquire this document from the authorities and submit it to Patron Nepal as soon as possible with, or as soon as possible after you submit your Volunteer Program Candidate Application Form.


It is vital that we have sufficient time to review your Criminal Background Check prior to time of your travel to Nepal. Since processing times will vary from country to country, please secure this document as soon as possible after submitting your Application Form. In the interest of complying with the Federal laws of Nepal and the requirements of our partner organisations, it is vital the Patron Nepal be able to verify that our Program Volunteers not have a record of conviction of any serious criminal offenses.


Note that the document must be issued no less than six (6) months of your volunteer program start date, and that documents submitted to Patron Nepal must be in English. In the event that your background check cannot be issued in English, the original document must be submitted to Patron Nepal accompanied by an English translation performed by a professional translation service and certified by a notary public.


If you are a citizen of the below listed countries, please contact the providers of the following for agencies or background check providers. Please be aware that each country has their own procedures and identification requirements for people who look to obtain a copy of their Criminal Background Check, as well as, related charges, and document processing times.


In the event that you are not from one of the countries listed below but desire to be a Patron Nepal program volunteer, please contact your local police station or Embassy/ Consulate for information as to the procedure for obtaining a Criminal Background Check.


· USA -

· Canada - – contact via: email, or phone: +1-877-308-4663

· UK - (£25, approximate cost)

· Australia - (A$29, approximate cost)

· New Zealand -, (no charge)

· France -

· China – It is important that you submit your application for a Criminal Background Check in person by applying for a Certificate of Criminal Record at the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) in the district of residence as specified in the individual’s “Household Register,” or “Hukou.”


Please note, a professional, English translation of all non-English language documents will be required.