Volunteer Travel Policy

The Patron Nepal Volunteer Program was established for the purpose of providing both individuals and groups with affordable, and cost-competitive, high-quality volunteer program experiences which are a significant benefit to the people of Nepal on a community level. The implementation of  responsible volunteer travel practices on a local level is paramount to any high-quality international volunteer program. Patron Nepal ensures it is a leader in the provision of responsible volunteer travel by:

  • Marketing our volunteer programs in a responsible and most ethical manner.
  • Managing the expectations of our program volunteers are addressed before the time of their arrival by clearly providing a realistic description of the details pertaining to the program volunteer experience.
  • Providing comprehensive pre-departure support for program volunteers including detailed program information and dedicated program coordinators.
  • Working with organizations, as well as, the people live in the local Nepali communities where the volunteers serve.
  • Managing the number of program volunteers and ensuring that the number of volunteers never exceeds maximum capacity as such would only serve to reduce program effectiveness.
  • Screening program volunteer candidates and carefully reviewing their qualifications during the application process.
  • Never displacing local people with program volunteers.
  • Having our program volunteers work side by side their local counterparts in their local placements.
  • Partnering only with those organizations which are registered in the country, thereby ensuring that all proceeds from volunteer contributions remain entirely within Nepal.
  • Providing any and all partner organizations with the Patron Nepal Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy whenever our program volunteers work alongside any of their local placements.
  • Providing all requisite training to Patron Nepal staff on the local level regarding volunteer program management and frequently visiting Program Volunteers to ensure that the programs are receiving the greatest possible benefit from the efforts of the respective program volunteers.
  • Visiting Program Volunteers regularly to ensure they are functioning to the desired level, as well as, to receive first-hand information about the programs, and to collect feedback from the respective program volunteers and their projects.
  • Ensuring that the volunteer program costs and fees are both competitive, as well as, cost-effective for both Patron Nepal and Program Volunteers alike, by regularly analyzing program costs and reviewing feedback from with local Patron Nepal staff.
  • Requesting feedback from each Patron Nepal Program Volunteer and re-evaluating our programs on an on-going basis, providing extra training where necessary, and advising local support personnel where necessary.
  • Auditing our programs to asses both their effectiveness, as well as, their impact on the local community. The findings of such audits are used to ensure that all programs are continuously improving in terms of remain the highest caliber, operate at peak efficiency, are high impact, and are sustainable.

We invite you to review the information and details of the Patron Nepal Volunteer Programs to determine for yourself if the vital, and often life-changing services which our Program Volunteers provide on a community level are of interest to you with respect to any future program participation on your part. The people of Nepal thank you for your kind consideration.