About Us

Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is working in the field of Health, Education, Peace & Development of the community emphasizing on development of sustainable volunteerism in Nepal. Our program makes a positive difference in the lives of deprived society members by providing volunteering opportunities to international volunteers.

We are working on many projects. The following are only some of them:

  • Sustainable Intern & Volunteer Development Program
  • Sustainable Tourism Development Program
  • Sustainable Human Development Program

Our Mission

Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" being a non-profit making organization, the mission and vision of this organization is to contribute to improve the life of community through the 'Volunteers', 'Travels & Tours', 'Our Home & Family for Peace', 'Education & Scholarship' and 'Peace & Development' program. All program fees are regarded as a donation. We will provide you with a donation sheet of the organization instead of any program fees.


For our mission we want to bring hope  for  1,000 poor students to go regular school, who are from under-privileged families. Besides this, we want to establish our own community school, health post, organic agriculture farm and a to beautify a village. School is important for young children as this is where they learn to read. Health post belongs to poor family especially when it comes to safe pregnancies, child birth and continuing health care for the new mother as well as for her child continuing on to their senior family members, too. Organic agriculture farming belongs to poor family’s members to give them employment in a beautiful community village setting.


This program is a overall concept and meaning of the Patron Nepal's Home of Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" and program participants such as yourself. Why? We are fund-raising now. Let’s start the mission: My Destination Program by becommily member of the Patron Nepal's Home. If you are a program volunteer then it will become one step easier to developing the Patron Nepal's Home at Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley & in the Middle South-East of Nepal at Bardibas and implement it's three programs in five location districts such as Makwanpur, Sarlahi, Mahottari, Ramechhap and Bhaktapur, Nepal.


We support all impoverished students in the areas of reading and writing in the government school system particularly in Sarlahi and the Mahottari District of Nepal. We provide books, stationary and meet the costs of education and provide school uniforms. After concluding their studies, our mission and vision is to further produce and equip these students with the necessary skills to be able to serve as volunteers; with the goal of Peace & Development of Society.

There is an urgent need for equipment and donations now. We heartily inviting you to make your contribution; thereby becoming a most respected official donor.

Non-Governmental Organization - NGO

Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience" is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), registered with the Nepal Government and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.


Nepal Government

Home Ministry

District Administration Office

Makawanpur, Hetauda, Nepal

Registered Number 1424/2011

Nepal Government

Social Welfare Council

Kathmandu, Nepal

Registered Number 32899/2011

Nepal Government

Finance Ministry

VAT Office

Makanwanpur, Hetauda, Nepal

PAN Number 600611671