Meet the Team

L.P. Ghimire (Nishchal)



Languages: Nepali & fluent English


Nishchal has an Education in Master of Arts (Sociology) & Bachelor of Law.

He has been employed in the field of Social Work for more than 15 years and takes great enjoyment in sharing his personal experiences with others. 


Cell/WhatsApp: +977-98510-94509 or

Cell: +977-98010-94509


Andrea Allen


Global Ambassador

Languages: German & fluent English


Andrea is employed in the field of Social Welfare and is considered to be open-minded and loves traveling to exotic places which are off-the-beaten-path, website development, and donating to charitable causes such as the School Sponsorship for Nishchal's daughter.



About the Founder & Director of Patron Nepal


Mr. Laxmi Prasad Ghimire (Nishchal), the founder of ‘‘Patron Nepal” is post-graduate (Master of Arts) studies in Sociology from Tri-Chandra College, Ghantaghr, Kathmandu under Tribhuvan University Kritipur, Nepal. His graduation in Law is also from Tribhuvan University, Kritipur, Nepal. He is PhD SCHOLAR in Sociology in Tribhuvan University, Kritipur, Nepal from 2019 to 2022. The very energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic personality, Nishchal is a freelance writer into varied social activities.


Mr. Ghimire is on a mission via his NGO - ‘Patron Nepal’ - A mission that is to change Nepalese people and Nepal for the better. Mr. Ghimire has a history of reaching out to the most disadvantaged and the poorest of poor sections of society in undeveloped / underdeveloped areas and provides support to the needy with a wholesome approach.


Mr. Ghimire has a strong understanding that NGO’s are the driving force for development as a whole and they form the strong foundation on which societies and economies prosper. In the light of his belief in the increasing role played by the NGO’s in Nepal & out of his strong belief in the importance of the ‘Civil Society’ as a catalyst for development, he launched his NGO - ‘Patron Nepal’, on 2011, with some like-minded social activists. Mr. Ghimire shapes and approves the foundation strategies, reviews results and helps set the overall direction of their philanthropic efforts.


Message form the Founder & Director of Patron Nepal


Patron Nepal is a young organization which has been started with developing the parts to develop the whole. Even though young, Patron Nepal is an organization which is focused and committed in its activities and shares with others its experiences, findings and aspirations.


True to the name ‘Patron Nepal’, our NGO has a social vision which is genuine and path breaking. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate within a short span of time speak about the dedicated work done by Patron Nepal.


We endeavor in a humble way to reach underprivileged and needy children and give them an encouraging new lease of life. Through development, relief and advocacy, we strive to create lasting change in the lives of children. My experience over the years has shown that if we limit our programmes and investment to just directly impact the child, the change will not be sustainable. For sustaining the well-being of children, we need to equip the families and communities socio-economically; hence, our approach to child well-being is community-based and involves multiple programmes. Our investment in children, their families and communities are often in areas such as economic development, education, health and leadership development, against abuse, & so on. Patron Nepal works closely with community-based organizations, government, other NGOs, and civil societies.


The focus of ‘Patron Nepal’ is not just limited to children. We provide support to needy women...


There are older people today than ever before and their number is on the increase. There is an urgent need to provide older people with the means to lead a full life where they are provided with medical care and nursing. They need to have access to information, entertainment and the right to make their own choices. Older people need to be able to lead a full life with dignity. ‘Patron Nepal’ is committed in working for the welfare and empowerment of Elders through The Patron Nepal Home.


Our NGO-PN has the vision to providing quality health care to the people; to educate people about health awareness, prevention of sickness and all such other activities for the purpose of promotion of true state of health.


Patron Nepal aims to work towards Sustainable interns/volunteers, Human and Tourism development; to create awareness about nature and its preservation; to develop healthy human nature coordination.


Our NGO assist to work towards development and integration of people living in a far remote and underdeveloped area/s, village/s, tribe/s etc.; Acting as a watchdog against human rights violations; Providing support to farmer organic agriculture farm, fisheries and fruits.



Patron Nepal endeavors to achieve its mission and vision by developing a strong management structure, gradually putting in place its process and procedure to mobilize the community to support its projects and campaigns.Patron Nepal seeks to learn from and co-operate with others for continuous improvement to serve the community better. Carrying out various activities, our organization co-operates with the government, local governmental bodies, local and international organizations, foundations, mass media and the private sector.


Patron Nepal continue to look for new partners and allies to collaborate with, including UN, organizations within employers groups, employee organizations, rehabilitation organizations and other international agencies, medical professionals, rehabilitation professionals, architects, policy makers, researchers and others. Co-operation with other stakeholders make our work more meaningful and we share visions and goals with many other organizations and institutions.


Strengthen our hands to create ‘a ray of hope and way forward’. The awareness created through this website and its visitors gives us the courage to carry on in our endeavors. I, on behalf of Patron Nepal offer our services to all those who wish to avail them. Thank you all for visiting our website and being part of this critically important campaign to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.


Together we can face the future with confidence and optimism. Looking forward to your invaluable and constructive comments, guidance and assistance.


Thank you for all kind of support in Donation and Volunteering. Being a participant in Tourism, Volunteering/Internship or in Humanitarian Programs means a lot to Patron Nepal and it's future Projects.

Warm Regards!

L.P. Ghimire (Nishchal)


Education in

PhD Scholar (Sociology)

M.A.(Sociology), B.L.(Law)
Tribhuvan University, Nepal


Founder/ Director/ CEO of

Patron Nepal "Sharing Experience"

Together for Peace & Development