Agriculture Volunteering

The organic Agriculture Volunteer Program is the most highly recommended volunteer program in Nepal for those looking to get out into the countryside and get their hands dirty working alongside local farmers and will light up your soul. Working in organic soil can be an awakening and meditative experience and working with the Nepali farm community can prove to be self empowering. This program is suitable for those who love nature and want to get immersed in the simple life lived in the Nepali mountains in a truly unspoiled natural setting.


Six Seasons

Nepal has six seasons and based on the seasons the agricultural work required differs. . You will have the opportunity to work as an assistant to the local farmers and help with the various seasonal day to day work. Most activities will involve the planting of crops such as vegetables, as well as, their harvest. Other activities will include working in the green house growing vegetables. The working hours are 2-5 hours each day depending on season as most agricultural work in Nepal is on a seasonal basis.



Our programs are continual so you can decide to arrive on any date of your choosing. Plan your trip to Nepal trip and book flight and notify us know so that we may make note of your wish to participate in one of our programs and send you a confirmation accordingly. We will be glad to pick you up at the airport. The program fee can be paid upon arrival. After orientation and the Kathmandu tour, we will take you to your project location in a mountain village in Ramechhap or somewhere around the Middle-South East city of Bardibas.


The farming practices are organic and, for the most part, do not involve complex technology, so you will quickly learn just how vital the water buffalo is in terms of supporting the farm. Of course you will also see if you have the physical skills to keep up with the requirements of the job. The days are not that long, however, so if you participate in the organic Agriculture Volunteer Program you will have plenty of time to relax after a hard day of work.


You can combine agriculture volunteer programs with the tour/ trekking and community village tour programs to make your holiday more memorable. Please take time and visit our Program Fees page for more information.

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