English Teachers

Teaching English in Nepal provides one with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community and support schools which require the most help. Volunteers who teach English in the city of Bhaktapur, of Bardibas or the countryside villages will be able to provide a different perspective to students in terms of interpreting the written word, pronunciation, as well as, conversational exchange in a way that local teachers cannot. Depending on the school, there is typically an existing curriculum from which you can work. Alternatively, many teachers and school administrators are open to let you make your own lesson plans or customize your classes as you see fit. The levels of comprehension and reading ability vary widely, so creative thinkers with positive energy are encouraged to apply. It’s a fun challenge to put your stamp on the experience for the students!


Our volunteer program typically works with a school in which you teach a range of students ranging from primary school to middle/ high school with age groups from 4-9, and from 10-16. We work with schools in Bardibas and in the mountain village of Ramechhap.


Patron Nepal is looking now for 5 Volunteers to teach English. The School is located in the middle South-East of Nepal at Bardibas, Mahottari District.

Would you like to work together with us and be a part of a school and make a positive change in the lives of the students, teachers and their school system? You don't need to have a teacher certificate as long as you are willing and love to teach.


Position: English Teacher

Experience: pedagogical exprience desired

Certificate: none, fluently written and spoken English

Location: Bardibas, Mahottari District


Do you like to be a part of our fantastic team?


To find out what will be covered in your programs cost package please check out our Program Fees page and for more information see at Why Volunteer With Us?.

Kindergarten Volunteering

Kindergarten volunteering is one of the most enjoyable learning experiences for anyone who truly loves and cares for children. A volunteer who wants to participate in this program is not required to have any special qualifications but merely needs to be caring, responsible, as well as, enthusiastic.


We provide you with a wonderful opportunity to teach kindergarten on a volunteer basis in beautiful, scenic Nepal. A volunteer can assist by helping on daily basis with activities set by the respective class teachers with the distribution of class materials, assisting with classwork activities, singing rhymes, coloring, drawing, managing the que for outdoor activities, including assisting with Tiffin time, nap time, etc.


A volunteer may be asked to perform other duties such as teaching mathematics or to serve as an English foreign language teacher in the event that you may be a native English speaker. In addition, volunteers may also be required to assist in the extracurricular activities of the school and, from time to time, with administrative work, as well.

A possible Schedule of Kindergarten Volunteer:

  • 1st day : Arrival in Kathmandu and travel to the hotel,
  • 2nd day: Travel to Bardibas and arrive at The Patron Nepal Home or local hotel. There will be a basic language orientation, familiarization with the location and culture, as well as, the host family/ hotel to be followed by free time,
  • 3rd day to 7th day Volunteering,
  • 8th day: City and community village tour followed by free time,
  • 9th Return to Kathmandu and tour,
  • 10th Buy gift for family and friends, visit local market,
  • 11th Return home.

The time and schedule is flexible and can be changed or managed accordingly to suit your wishes. If the length of time which you will be able to volunteer is more than a week there will be time for additional activities or outings such as hiking, cultural exchange, as well as, adventure programs. Volunteers will be able to visit other nearby cities and we can provide assistance in the form of helping to coordinate such activities or visits by managing tickets, hotels, etc. including providing guide services.


To find out what will be covered in your programs cost package please check out our Program Fees page and for more information see at Why Volunteer With Us?.

Full Service Volunteer Program Coordination
Patron Nepal will help select and place you at the school, kindergarten, that fits your holiday needs. Easily combine this volunteer program with a charity tour, trekking and cultural community village tour for a combination program to show you the many wonderful and meaningful sides of Nepal. Contact us today to find out more about this chance to volunteer at a school, kindergarten!