12. December 2017

On a recent trip to Nepal we had a wonderful experience. It was late afternoon and we had only just checked into our hotel, when we heard band music outside our window. Without much thought, we grabbed our cameras and ran out to see what was happening. We discovered a wedding party moving slowly through the narrow streets, competing with busy traffic and crowds of people going home. We ran along with the wedding party for a good block or more, taking photos and enjoying this colourful (and noisy) tast of Nepali culture. We were close together, then drifted apart in the crowds. I got ahead, looked back and could see my husband.

But by the time I turned back I couldn't spot him! Thinking I knew the way, I pushed on in the gathering darkness. I asked a policeman if he could direct me; he had never heard of the hotel, and then I realized I was lost. Worse, several other people also had no idea where the hotel was. I was thoroughly lost.


It was then that Nishchal came up to me, having overheard my question, and offered to help. What a God-send. He assured me right from the onset that we would find the hotel. The problem was that I only knew half the hotel name, and there were many by that partial name; nor did I know the address or even the district it was in. Nishchal and I walked up and down all kinds of streets. Nothing felt or looked right. Still he kept saying. 'Don't worry, we'll find it', and I trusted him, for he gave the impression of being an honest, upright person. In the end he used his cell phone to contact Directory Enquiries to get a listing of hotels in the area, and from there called the hotel to check if our names were on the checked-in list. He hung up and said, 'Now we know where it is'.


I am forever indebted to Nishchal's generosity and determination. We celebrated with a wonderful cup of tea in the hotel garden, and learned more about his background, life, hopes, and dreams for himself and for the organization he founded, 'Patron Nepal'. What an amazing person! Thank you, Nishchal. As you say, 'People don't meet by accident: There is always reason, lesson, mission and blessing for each other.'

Eleanor, Canada