I met Nishchal in Kathmandu on my vacation in Nepal in 2013. He told me about his organization, Patron Nepal, and I could sense right away that he was an honest, trustworthy, and compassionate soul. When he offered to take me on a tour of some of Kathmandu's sites that I hadn't heard of, I was intrigued. Aside from the more famous tourist sites, Nishchal also took me to see the Kumari (living goddess) where I received a blessing from her, which tourists generally aren't permitted. He also took me to local restaurants, markets, and tea shops where I got to experience the real Kathmandu for non-touristy prices. The 2 day tour I got with Nischal is still my most memorable experience of any vacation. Nishchal has compassion and love for all people and especially for his country. I fully support Patron Nepal and their volunteer and student sponsorship programs. Nishchal is very reliable, trustworthy and is an excellent guide, translator, and friend. If you want to experience the real Nepal.

Tamara Day, Canada